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What is Bill of Lading?

The contact between you and the carrier is played by the bill of landing, which is signed by you before the moving process. If you open a dispute against the movers, the shipment terms serve as a proof or evidence. Bill of Landing is considered to be a very important aspect when it comes to the moving paperwork, and that every individual should read it thoroughly. Making sure they understand each and every word before signing it. Mostly the document contains the following, but that is not necessary every time.

  • Contact and license information of the shipping company
  • Shipment information
  • Services and costs provided by the carrier, Carrier liability,
  • Dispute settlement procedures
  • Payment Methods

How is the cost of my move calculated?

The cost mainly depends on the type of shipment. For a local movement, which is typically 100 miles, the cost is calculated on an hourly basis. For longer distances, the price is usually calculated on the basis of the distance that has been covered. Other than that, the weight and size of the items that need to be loaded also determines the cost. Several additional components are also added to the total price such as the moving insurance, packing insurance and labor, storage and handling fee etc. Make sure that you ask your movers the final price breakdown that has been offered to you.

What is an In-home estimate?

The cost of moving can be complicated, and it is calculated on the basis of several variables. An estimate can be requested by calling the helpline services, but it will not be as precise and accurate as the home service. In home services guarantees and estimate that will not increase. Several factors such as bulky items, custom packing can hinder the calculation process, which can be more than the estimated value when asked on call.

What are Binding and Non-Binding estimates?

  • Binding Estimates:
    The total cost of the move is provided on the basis of the size or weight of the items, along with the additional services that are required.
  • Non-Binding Estimate:
    A general estimate of what total cost you should be expecting regarding your move. The mover is responsible to explain the fact that the further charges can vary, or exceed the approximate costs. These estimates are issued without any extra charges.

How do I move my home appliances?

Most home appliances require handling with care when moving. The key factor is that every equipment, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners require their own specifics for a safe relocation. The owners are responsible to service the appliances prior to being loaded on the truck.